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Face Wash 150 ml

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Product Description:

DermAfirm’s ultra-soothing cleanser is exceptionally gentle on your face and helps
protect the pH balance of your skin. This face wash gives your outer skin layer a moist,
fresh, and healthy appearance. Our low-acidity cleanser enables the skin to control
sebum production, thus battling blackheads. Our cleanser’s foam technology gently
cleanses the waste trapped inside your pores to promote cleaner and softer-looking
skin. Carefully formulated with hyaluronic acid, 7 Amino Acids, Perilla Ocymoides Leaf
Extracts, protein, and mineral-rich components, our product is an all-in-one. Our
products are cruelty-free, worry-free, paraben free, and free from harmful chemicals,
artificial colors, or preservatives. This state-of-the-art product deserves a place on your


● Deep-cleanser
● Moisturizer
● Promotes a clear and soft skin
● Removes makeup
● Cruelty-free
● Dermatologically tested
● For combination skin

How to Use:

● Remove makeup and wash your face with lukewarm water gently.
● Take a pea-sized product on your hand and rub it in using water.
● Apply it on your face and sweep it around.
● Rinse it off with cool water and use a moisturizer for better results.

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Face Wash
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