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Koelf Pearl Shea Butter Face Mask- 3 pcs

Koelf Pearl Shea Butter Face Mask- 3 pcs

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Moisturizing bomb Shea Butter makes your skin silky and moist
- It is Hydrogel Mask Pack for silky & moist skin with shea butter full of nutrients and incredible moisturizing effect.
- Shea Butter is extract of Karite fruit in Africa, it contains various nutrients make skin healthy and silky. It has powerful moisturizing effect, so perfect for healing rough and dry skin.
- Koelf Hydrogel Mask is a kind of pocket can be filled with water more than 90%. So it is nowadays very popular material for skin care and aesthetics for normal & sensitive skin. Also it is eco friendly & water-soluble mask sheet, so you can see it gets thinner after giving full nutrients to skin.

- 3 pcs Face Mask at price of 14.25

- Less than year expiry

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